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Top Features to Look for in a New House

Buying a new home can be difficult if you're unsure about what to look for or don't have a solid image planned out for what you want to invest in. This can lead to buying a home you don't need or one that's lacking all of the things that could make it feel like home, requiring you to put far too much work into it.

These are the top features you should keep an eye out for and why they matter!

-Exterior Lighting

This feature is something that's becoming more popular every day. Exterior lighting allows you to clearly see the property at any time of the night and ensures that your home is secure. Burglars and those that would try to break in don't want to be put in a spotlight, so exterior lighting can keep them at bay. This also shows off the incredible curb appeal of your property and keeps everyone aware of the work and money you put into your home.

-An Attractive Exterior

The exterior of your home will say a lot about you without saying a word. Whether you go with a brick cladding system to create a more classic look or you reach for a manufactured stone veneer, it’s important the exterior of the home is attractive and worth its price.

Of course, curb appeal isn’t everything, but it’s important to find a property that leaves you excited to pull into the driveway every single day.

-Enough Room to Grow

Having room to grow is a big deal! Nobody stays the same forever, so having a home that gives you a chance to spread out and relax will ensure that you don't have to stress about feeling cramped in a mess.

This is more than just having an extra room or worrying about putting up polyiso sheathing and creating a bonus area. Look for details like storage beyond your needs, from the kitchen to the garage and bedrooms.

-Smart Features

Smart features are a hot topic in 2023, and buyers are serious about having a property that’s able to keep up with the times. The most important smart feature for most is a smart thermostat. This device allows you to control your heating and cooling from anywhere in the world, which can lower your monthly bills and make sure your home is as comfortable as possible.

If you fall for a home that doesn't have it, don't be afraid to splurge to invest in this part of a property! This will save you a lot of money in the long run while also keeping your loved ones cozy.

-Sturdily Built Property

How well-built is the property you're looking at? Of course, you'll have a home inspector do a thorough walk-through, but when they do this, make sure that you carefully comb through the paperwork. Is this a home that can last another thirty years for you to pay off your mortgage? Will this home gain value over time? Don't settle for a quick build with shear walls that can’t handle anything and a roof that’s built to fail: you’ll put your finances and life at risk.

-A Neighborhood You Can Enjoy

It's an awesome idea to buy a home that's in a neighborhood you can feel connected to. This means finding a community with similar interests and walkable neighborhoods. For young parents, this can mean looking at an area where your kids will have friends to play with, and for young professionals, this could mean finding a neighborhood near a great nightlife where you can cut loose.

-Curb Appeal You Can Handle

Although a lawn full of beautiful plants can be an excellent selling point and make you fall in love with the property- if you can't handle the amount of work the property will need to keep that up, be honest with yourself!

A lawn full of hundreds of unique and beautiful plants will need a lot of time poured into watering them, caring for them, and pruning them, which can feel like a large investment compared to the simple mowing and trimming the average lawn needs. Be honest about how much time you'll be able to commit to the exterior of your home.


A Price That Isn’t Too High

When you're approved for a loan, you may think that the maximum amount you can spend is the full mortgage, but don't fall for that! Although this is tempting, spending every cent of your mortgage may leave you struggling for at least the first couple of years. This mortgage is based on your current income, so spending too much of it will make your monthly bills a trial.

A New Home Should Be a Dream Come True

Whether this new home is your first one or simply an investment you're flipping, it's important that it's a house worth buying. Take the time to look for these details, and make a decision that will keep your finances soaring.

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